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Stretching the Definition of "an activity"

June 1st, 2006 at 06:48 pm

OK so I already posted today but that was just my intro. Here is my thoughts about today's goings ons.

So today was frugal and fun. Eldest Monkey had his last day of Kindergarten today. It was field day and the school rented all the big blow up slides and bounce house stuff. There was cotton candy and snow cones. He had a great time. I love our school. They always do such a great job! So he was in a good mood when I picked him up. Glad this year is OVER!!

Youngest Monkey has been wanting to ride on our city's TRAX train system for awhile. Everytime we are downtown he begs to ride on it. So my sister told me that she was headed downtown to pick-up her 1/2 marathon race entry for this weekend with her 2 little she monkeys. No, I am not racing, because of this bloody muscle strain in my calf! And right after I bought new shoes to prevent injury!! Anywho... We decided to make an activity of it because they usually have a "fair" type area where they give away a lot of free crap for advertising and sponsering the race. Oldest Monkey LOVES getting free stuff so I figured it would make both monkeys happy. So for the cost of two TRAX fares, $3 (youngest monkey was free), we got to take the train downtown, walk past a bunch of interesting street art, and check out the booths. I gave Eldest Monkey the goody bag and let him go to town. I should have skipped lunch (made at home!!) because they loaded up with Boca Burgers and nuggets, chocolate milk, OJ, jelly beans, candy, snickers endurance bars, etc. Then we rode home. All in all it took us about 2 1/2 hours and they were pretty happy. I need to remember that with the right fanfare, almost anything can be fun to kids.

Dinner was a simple meal of bean and cheese burritos, diced fresh tomatoes and milk. Big Rich and I finished off the last two ice cold beers. Eldest Monkey decided that, oh my gosh! he really does like refried beans! Brainwashing is effective!

Eldest Monkey wants us to go swimming with his good buddy and his family tomorrow. It's a great time, but it costs us about $12 each time we go. Also I have not had the money to wax my legs and bikini and I HATE shaving!! Very course hair, it isn't pretty. And I only have $21 left for the week and I need to buy a birthday present for a friend's baby's 1st birthday party on Saturday. How expensive does this gift need to be? Can I get away with a cute $5 book? I hate gift giving when I'm not sure what is expected. I also hate the idea of not going swimming just to save money. And then there is the dilemma of ethics. My dear sweet sister has a membership to the swim complex we go to often. Years ago she babysat Eldest Monkey when I worked and took him swimming several times. The office assumed he was hers and added his name to the membership. My sister is a highly religious person, so I am always a bit surprised at how willing she is to be a little dishonest at times. Love her dearly though. So I could save $4 if I let him go in with her. But I feel like it is dishonest. It is dishonest. Is it worth $4? Normally I would just pay but I've never been down to $21 with so much left to pay for. Oh, the difficulty of living within my means! Of course my integrity is not worth $4! But it does make you go hmmm....

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