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June 8th, 2006 at 09:06 pm

Today the Monkeys had Summer Camp so I set out to entertain myself. I spent at least an hour on the freebies forum signing up for free stuff. Then I decided to try making buns for crock pot pork roast sandwiches for dinner. They turned out OK. They didn't rise as high as I would have liked, but I did add a fair amount of whole wheat flour which surely made them more dense. They tasted good though. Big Rich thinks I must have bumped my head or something. I have done more cooking lately than I have for years.

On a whim I decided to apply for a job at one of the large warehouse clubs that I do a fair amount of shopping at. I know the cashiers make good money. I figure I could work one or two shifts a week and make some extra money to put straight on the credit card debt. They called me for an interview within a few hours! So I have an interview tomorrow. I'm a little nervous! Do I want to work? Even a few hours? I guess I will just lay out my needs, two shifts during the time my kids are at Summer Camp. Then maybe a little more during the school year. If that doesn't work, then it doesn't work. No loss right?

I do wonder how it would affect Younger Monkey. He had a hard time at Summer Camp today. After lunch he cried and said he wanted to come home to see me. He has never done that before. But there are a lot of changes. He has one of his pre-school teachers for a camp teacher, but only one of the same kids in the group. It is also a different classroom and he is there for twice as long. I think he will get used it and then really like it. But part of me wonders if I should wait another year. Or 3.

I also think Big Rich's pride was hurt a little even though he agreed the extra money would be really nice to have to put on the our debt. We have two months worth of expenses saved, and I'm sure we will have more business long before that runs out, but I would like to be further ahead. It's not like the little bit that I would be making would really help with the major expenses anyway, but every little bit off the debt would really help. He just kept asking if I really wanted to work. And he wondered what would my parents think? My mom always stayed home while we were young so my dad is sure that it is the only right way to raise kids and has said so. But I worked until Elder Monkey was 3. All that really matters is what Big Rich and I think is the right thing to do.

I'll just go and see what happens.

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