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Over Estimating

June 13th, 2006 at 09:03 pm

Big Rich's mom is in town. She took the boys to see Cars today. Popcorn, drinks, the works. Then a trip to the toy store. Grandparents are so great! Tomorrow she is taking them to the park.

Because his mother and her boyfriend are in town, we invited the whole family over for dinner. Yesterday I was going to do hamburgers for Elder Monkey with watermelon and pasta salad. Big Rich took the propane to get filled last night then to work for a work party today. So I couldn't grill last night. We had pancakes instead. So for the family we decided to grill the burgers. I had bought garlic burgers but I didn't think I had enough so I went and bought more today. Turns out I would have had enough in the first place. I always over estimate. I want to make sure there is plenty for everyone I guess. So I have leftovers of everything. I guess we will have all of it again on Thursday, so it isn't really a waste. It was pretty good, I don't mind.

I have been on a baking kick. I get bored and bake. Good for the food budget, not so good for the waist line. I was supposed to run tonight but had a couple of glasses of wine with dinner and had no desire to run.

I've got a half marathon in September I am supposed to start training for this week. It is the Disney 1/2 marathon at Disneyland. We booked a whole Disney trip around it, which is mostly paid for. I better get training or Big Rich will be ticked I talked him into going. Not only did I talk him into it, but I talked my folks into coming. And I convinced my sister in law to run it with me so my brother and his kids are all coming too. I better be ready!

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