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Puppy Chewed My Car!

June 25th, 2006 at 09:26 pm

Actually Pepe chewed the console in Big Rich's car, which happens to be the car he drives clients around in. Yikes! It's just the lid. Big Rich is out of town until tomorrow evening. I intend to have it fixed by then. My dad is a very handy man and fixes up cars to sell as a hobby so he is going to call a few junk yards tomorrow to see what he can find. If not we will try our hand at reupholstering it ourselves. I plan to tell Big Rich, I just want it to be fixed before I do! I hope it isnt' too expensive. I knew the dog would chew, I just didn't think it would be the car!

Spent the weekend with the Monkeys at Bear Lake again while Big Rich is out of town on business. We had a great time. Played on the beach. Let Elder Monkey drive me around on the ATV. Made s'mores. I forget how incredibly delicious those are. A nice weekend all the way around.

Elder Monkey however is driving me crazy. He is going through a whining and complaining phase. It makes me want to quit doing anything remotely "extra" for him, so he will understand that his life really isn't so bad. That would be great for my budget but terrible for my sanity!

I bought Jesse's budget spreadsheet today. I'm really excited about it. I will write about how it is working in the future.

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